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Cast films produced from sabic lldpe 218b exhibit excellent optical properties, improved toughness, puncture resistance and tear strength. They are easy to process giving good tensile properties, impact strength and optical properties. If you continue without changing these settings, you consent to this but if you want, you can change your settings at any time at the bottom of this page. Sabic lldpe 218ws is a linear low density polyethylene lldpe grade. Film mechanical properties are significantly improved compared to competitive. Westlake linear low density polyethylene lldpe film resins meet the demanding needs of food packaging. General plastics, engineering plastics, specialty plastics color. Sabic lldpe 218w is a linear low density polyethylene lldpe grade suitable for general purpose packaging. Films produced from these resins are tough with good puncture resistance, high tensile strength and good hot tack properties. Lldpe 218 series one source for all your polymer needs. The cookie settings on this website are set to allow all cookies to give you the very best experience. Possesses good tensile and optical properties, shows impact strength, toughness, flexibility, recyclability and is easy to process.

The effectiveness of the product9 different products have different shelf life. Sabic lldpe 218b is a butene linear low density polyethylene resin designed for easy processing and specially formulated for optimum thermal stability at high temperatures used in cast film extrusion. They are easy to extrude and exhibit excellent drawdownability. Is suitable for processing by blown film extrusion molding. It contains high slip 1500ppm and high antiblock agents 3500ppm.

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