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Please make sure you have outlined your type, included crop marks and that your files are set in solid 100% black k in cmyk or uncoated pantone colours. Recognized for its lush cotton surface and handmade quality, lettra is the industrys first choice for printing processes like letterpress, engraving, blind embossing, and foil stamping. Type and motifs are set in reverse on a letterpress plate which is then inked and pressed onto the surface of the paper. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times.

Crane s lettra trusted by a new generation of letterpress printers, crane s lettra has the feel of cotton fabric and the look of handmade paper. Personalized stationery crane personalized stationery. Her artwork looks stunning letterpress printed and makes for the perfect mix of elegance and. We had so much fun printing these letterpress wedding invitations. We print, we make plates, we sell letterpress supplies, and we care about a lot of important things. Colors lettra fluorescent white pearl white ecru white light aqua light grey. Although there are is a large selection of paper choices, not all have matching envelopes. Artwork if you have your own design, it would be great if you could send us your. We are excited to introduce you to our brand new, paradigmshifting portfolio of papers made with hemp, straw, and recycled cotton fiber. Clubcard is proud to offer letterpress business card printing for discerning clients using centuries old printing methods to create the most elegant business cards, calling cards and name cards carried by titans of industry and world leaders. While it is the ideal surface for todays letterpress, crane s lettra performs equally well with offset, digital, foil and ink.

Crane s lettra and crane s crest capture this legacy in soft, durable, 100% cotton papers that communicate craftsmanship and elegance in equal measure. Letterpress business cards printing on 21 point crane lettra. Lettras distinct letterpress finish is rare and engaging in a machinemade, commercial paper. The modern invitation was letterpress printed on crane lettra pearl white cotton paper 2ply. Diy letterpress invitations part the price breakdown. Explore the personalized cards, invitations, and more quality stationery at crane. Lettra can also be successfully offsetprinted and engraved. Crane s lettra is a staple for our commercially printed projects here at boxcar press as well. With the introduction of mohawk renewal, we are writing a new chapter in our evolving environmental story. Letterpress brendan monroe super nice letters nathaniel russe i.

The crane paper portfolio is ideal for tactile printing processes such as letterpress, engraving. In our hearts poem bereavement mourning sympathy grief funeral svg, pdf, png digital file vector graphic etsy. Since the bite that is characteristic of letterpress is the result of metal type or a photoengraved plate being. Cranes lettra and crest envelopes are designed for letterpress, engraving, embossing. Innovation was inevitable when mohawk acquired crane s stationery in 2018, combining two groups of smart and passionate craftspeople. Letterpress setting up your artwork all artwork should be supplied in pdf format, one up. Letterpress business cards are likely the most elegant business cards one can have printed which explains why letterpress printing is the mark of royalty, world leaders and those who have reached the pinnacle of success. Jan 9, 2019 peace unfolds oversized postcard featuring origami cranes and quote by sadako sasaki. Cotton fibers are naturally long and strong, but also nonrigid.

The printing press and moveable type, invented by johannes gutenberg in the 15th century, brought a revolution in mass distribution of the written or printed word, and consequently in literacy among common people. The modern notecard hoban cards letterpress printed. Synonymous with the finest stationery, cranes crest is. This is free, but may add additional production time. Recognized for its lush cotton surface and handmade quality, lettras letterpress finish is the industrys first choice for impact printing processes like letterpress, engraving, blind embossing, and foil stamping. Museum of printing presses, letterpress classifieds, printers yellow pages, and vintage postscript artwork for download. Letterpress cards evoke subtle strength, longevity and authority.

Letterpress business card printing on cranes lettra. This layout can accomodate more information than the field card and is a good alternate to the agent, if you like the center justified type. Crane s lettra fueled the rebirth of artisanal letterpress printing. Lee background and key points after japan was defeated in wwii, korea was liberated by russia in the north and america in the south. Letterpress business cards 1 color blind impression 1 etsy. Our collection includes both lettra paper and lettra envelopes to create a completely cohesive look for invitations, cards and any other types of correspondence you wish to design.

Trusted by a new generation of letterpress printers, crane s lettra envelopes are the ideal surface for todays letterpress and offer an astute alternative to a less elegant envelope illequipped to deal with offset. Peace unfolds oversized postcard featuring origami cranes. Letterpress printing involves setting the design in reverse on a letterpress plate which is inked and pressed onto the paper. Download the piggyback template in the following formats. Newly updated and expanded, crane s blue book of stationery provides all the guidance. After a bit of looking around at commercial letterpress, as well as used presses, it also became clear these.

Letterpress business cards calling cards custom design etsy. Requiring a higher volume of ink, our letterpress operators must run smaller sheets of paper and carefully watch the relationship between the ink and the paper to ensure a balanced knockout. The small, centered, elegant layout is a perfect alternative to a clunky business card. This is due to our 100% cotton, cranes, card stock absorbing the ink.

These two groups helped establish the governments with two very diverse ways n. Reintroducing crane cotton papers new colors, new finish, endless possibilities. In the spirit of our other two templates typeset in calluna, the counselor doesnt pull any punches. That design is then put in the hands of our experienced letterpress partners, who use. This ultra smooth cotton paper features a soft, satin feel. Innovation was inevitable when mohawk acquired cranes stationery in 2018. Letterpress business card printing on cranes lettra cotton stock. A totally renewable resource, cotton is strong and pliable which enables it to withstand the weight and pressure of the letterpress process. Letterpress printing may no longer be a growth industry, but there are numerous people worldwide who pursue it as either a hobby or a business. Elco e letter 03 a print set made with cranes lettra. Clubcard printing vancouver offers traditional letterpress printing in pantone pms spot colour on cranes 100% cotton lettra white and pearl with optional.

The crane paper portfolio is ideal for tactile printing processes such as letterpress, engraving, embossing, foil stamping, thermography as well as offset and digital. Make with mohawk takes your best ideas from pdf to printed object. Lettra is uncalendered, meaning that it is not smoothed in the calender stacks on the papermaking machine. This page lists some of the places where individuals interested in letterpress printing can find information, services, and products. In the spirit of simplicity, piggyback letterpresses exclusively in black ink only, our signature cranes, 100% cotton paper only, singlesided doublesided only and 2 x 3. Find the right note cards and envelopes for your business or as a gift at crane. Letterpress offers a tactile quality and nostalgic feel that cant be achieved with any other technique. The third in a threepart series pairing specific printing processes with select mohawk papers, print set 03 celebrates the release of an expanded and refreshed line of crane cotton papers by pairing crane s lettra with one, two, and three color letterpress printing. Customize the stationery you need to share the special moments in your life. At clubcard printing san francisco we suggest crane s incredibly thick and. Jul 22, 2014 hanging origami paper cranes wedding invitation personalized invitations. If we are only printing 1 pms colour, we just need one pdf of the. Letterpress business cards crane lettra paper 220 lbs 1 etsy.

Be it digital, offset, packaging or even letterpress, the mohawk product portfolio has the perfect paper to make your project more beautiful, effective and memorable. Mohawk fine papers are designed to bring craftsmanship, tactility and impact to all the ways you print. Im not going to be conned into buying it any longer if there is a suitable alternative. We can also print on your supplied paper and envelopes.

Crane s lettra envelopes crane s lettra envelopes have the feel of cotton fabric and the look of handmade paper. Im especially excited for our recent collaboration with sarah barrett. If youre looking to make a memorable impression, theres no better medium than crane pure cotton papers. Cranes lettra fueled the rebirth of artisanal letterpress printing. Letterpress business cards on thick 42 point lettra cotton. This handmade beautiful deep impression is printed on 3. The pressing process transfers the ink and leaves a deep impression on the paper creating a three dimensional print.

For over 200 years, crane papers have set the standard for american papermaking. Whether youre looking to print business cards, wedding invitations or art prints, we have the capabilities to take your files and turn them into letterpress. The set was put over the top with an offcolor crane lettra ecru white paper chinese tea party invitation designed by the bride herself, giving this modern set, a traditional accent. It is 100% cotton, soft and luxurious to the touch, yet strong and stable on press. Does piggyback letterpress in ink colors other than black, different paper, other than 2 x 3. The result is our signature lettra letterpress paper designed specifically to withstand and accentuate the fine art of letterpress. For nearly 500 years there wasnt anything superior to the same basic design, before eventually modern lithographic offset printing supplanted the technology, and letterpress. Upon digital pdf approval and final payment, your design is sent to print. Letterpress business cards still have the ability to turn heads. Crane s paper, made from 100% cotton fibers, is the perfect match for the letterpress process.

Crane s paper is made from 100% cotton fibers which sets it apart from ordinary papers. We use polymer or metal plates with vanson oilbased ink that will be handmixed in your choice of color. Letterpress is spotlighted best by using soft pillowy stocks somerset, lettra, rives, arturo, while beautiful results can be achieved on harder stocks french, strathmore, cranes cover with a more subtle impression. Stamped slightly harder than our doublesided card, this card carries a bold seal of letterpress authenticity. All of our stock papers print really well with letterpress and foil.

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