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A website that is home to many trolls many of which are self righteous assholes where little to nothing can meet up to their prissy standards. What is encyclopedia dramatica and what goes on there. One might argue its pros and cons, yet ignore how the effect came to be in the first place. This drama, as they call it, is trademarked as lulz. Dodo, bebop, ayeaye, crack, barbarian, smack, kea, boom, gobbledygook. Encyclopedia dramatica disambiguation uncyclopedia, the. The project gutenberg ebook of the gentle shepherd. Encyclopedia dramatica, joint defence facility pine gap, australia.

Differences between dramatica writers dreamkit and. We are pleased to annouce that 2, the ranting gryphon will once again be performing in hollywood, this time at the world famous improv comedy club. Chambers in his scottish biographical dictionary, 1835, it will be seen that. Its purpose is to parody and satirize the internet, and this is done in a format similar to the other wiki. Sep 02, 2016 encyclopedia dramatica containment thread well they know already that doesnt work. He is an unfortunate example of the bullshit cover up conspiracy known as aspergers syndrome. Is this going to be his entire life from here on out. Now, friendly internet servers and torrent por tals make them readily. The man once raided pirate bays servers in an attempt to get back the mpaas jew gold. Encyclopedia dramatica s only style of humor is badly written hatred toward everything.

F yale college 1889, francis bartlett kellogg, thomas griffin shepard. The lulz can be regarded as a state of mind, whereas the functioning faculties of the mind are completely disregarded, completely lost, and are seldom accounted for ever again. I do not want you to feel insulted if you like the website, i am only stating my personal opinion. Effect is the end product of an effort or series of efforts. Matthew wayne davis, also known as 2, the ranting gryphon and 2 gryphon, is an amateur comedian who performs mainly at scifi and furry conventions who. May 24, 2017 encyclopedia dramatica ed is a site i frequented for years, even before i started my own. Anthrocon 2010 2 the ranting gryphon part 1 youtube. In early 2007, the admins started putting up fake we desperately need moar money banners on top of the pages to scam money out of their dumbass readers. Irl seed plz this is a phrase used by lusers who are trying to leech some warez or pr0n from a torrent site.

Snoopsnoo rencyclopediadramatica encyclopedia dramatica. Free a 20 hour class in dramatica story theory presented in real audio, the complete 450 page book, dramatica. After a long hiatus, the 2 sense show has begun its 6th season in a new studio and a new location. Each decision you make narrows the list of story forms until finally there is only one structure that fits with all your choices. He has a website, where every sunday night he puts out 2sense. The british phonographic industry spent several months crying to the courts about how great artists like adele were losing virtually nothing due to tpb. Encyclopedia dramatica presents lulzcast episode 15 encyclopedia dramatica uploaded and posted 2 years ago the encyclopedia dramatica lulzcast begins now. I know the people are joking, and are not serious, but, i find their attempts at humor is just not funny. Now you have an objective writing partner helping you with the actual process of rewriting pointing out exactly how to fill those holes in your argument. Encyclopedia dramatica encyclopedia uncyclopedia, the.

Content is available under creative commons attributionnoncommercialsharealike 4. In the life of ramsay, by tennant, we have made one or two corrections. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. The encyclopedia dramatica was founded by a bunch of 4chan shitholes who were butthurt when wikipedia wouldnt let them post an article about some livejournal faggot. Usually, the torrent in question is has been seeded at least 100 days ago and everyone including your mom downloaded and left before the mpaa riaa homos got to know about it. This might not technically be a rant, but i want to know what you all think before i go ahead and put up a full on rant, because i may be getting sensitive and be overreacting. Matthew davis, better known as 2, the ranting gryphon, is a furry comedian whose specialty is amusing, often profanitylaced commentary on various subjects. I know the encyclopedia dramatica is meant to be funny, but after a certain point it begins to be offensive and annoying. Some my entry is accurate, some of it is bogus, and some of the content is a mixture of the two. All the latest videos created by the stand up comic, 2, the ranting gryphon. None of them are really except if you are really into meanspirited satire that is, and im saying this not only as someone who was a former target of theirs im that werejohncandy guy, but im already selfaware enough of it that i didnt need. At over 10 million articles including over 2 million in english, it clearly dwarfs both uncyclopedia and encyclopedia dramatica combined.

Its pretty much impossible not to be on one side of the fence. Its articles relate to news, current events, gossip and other drama topics from across the internet, controversial article content, forums, fansites, internet subculture, users of web services, and online catchphrases are satirized in a manner described variously as coarse, offensive and frequently. You provide the ideamaybe a character sketch or two, perhaps even a hint of themeand dramatica helps you pull it all together into one cohesive powerful work. Dramatica the official dramatica story theory web site for writers of the novel, screenplay, stage play, and television programs.

Encyclopedia dramatica simple english wikipedia, the. I suspect this has something to do with the same event that removed naughty tentacles and renamed some pages, as well as the no lewdness policy, but there are a couple pages that are just refuge in audacity instead of refuge in lewdity. Encyclopedia dramatica nsfw is a site that you either loved or hated. Dramatica is the only writers tool that can tell you things about your story you didnt tell it. There may be some newer technology that may help us create a pc and other versions of dramatica story expert.

Jul 27, 2012 encyclopedia dramatica operates this illegal extortion scam under the guise of humor satire to force innocent individuals to edit the wiki also to take down the dirty posts. But he was mostly known for his neck beard like behavior and notorious bitching of swag and how girls should lower their standards, dump their boyfriends, and date him because like. Encyclopedia dramatica website uncyclopedia, the content. An archive of an encyclopedia dramatica torrent containing articles from then as of 2010 few, however. If you dont understand the latest internet meme, or want to know what the latest viral shock video is, theyre the greatest. Here i will be tearing apart bullshit full of lies articles on their website that need to be taken down, yes including renee nicole stages article and krystoles article. Mar 19, 2010 i personally find the website idiotic, and unfunny. The web site is run by folks who like to give long, picturesque explanations of anything that happens to be flooding the forums at 4chan, and poke vicious fun at any strange or otherwise vulnerable internet presence that happens to be on the chopping block. Encyclopedia dramatica uncyclopedia, the contentfree. Encyclopedia dramatica is a criminal, racist, homophobic website it writes malicious falsehoods, harassments, torment and encourage its victims to commit suicide few people has ended their lives after ed allow users to post malicious falsehoods all in disguise of satire. I dont think changing halo to gaylo is funny, or youtube to. It served the purpose of cataloging all the popular subjects in upper class french society and summarizing them in lewd, brusque, and often pornographic ways.

The pc version of dramatica story expert technology. That said, do not hold your breath for a pc version any time soon still. Welcome to the encyclopedia dramatica is full of shit. The furry fandoms resident funnyman, 2 gryphon, once again lit up the anthrocon main stage with a hilarious rant out of the three shows ive. Encyclopedia dramatica is a central catalog for organized reference pages about drama, memes, epals and other. Encyclopedia dramatica simple english wikipedia, the free. Petition take down encyclopedia dramaticas offended page. Jul 29, 2016 a user of satirical wiki encyclopedia dramatica has been hit with libel damages of. Its logo, a hollow puzzle potato, parodies wikipedias globe puzzle logo, and it styles itself the contentfree encyclopedia, parodying wikipedias slogan of the free encyclopedia while uncyclopedia states that wikipedia parodies them.

Currently attorney generals and federal prosecutors throughout the u. However, it was back on the tubes the next day, and all that was found on the drives they lifted were over 9000 naked pictures of jimbo wales uk blocks tpb. Joseph8276 aka the beast is a 24year old aspergian swag warrior from sydney, nova scotia in the motherland of canada. This wiki has been described as an online compendium of troll humor and lore. Differences between dramatica writers dreamkit and dramatica pro.

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