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It may seem like a minor detail to get the logbook entry correct, but its a major responsibility in the eyes of the faa. No, a maintenance record entry documenting the completion of an annual inspection is required only for the aircraft. Documenting annual inspection completion in aircraft. Discuss the legality of flying the backcountry, fars, advocacy, and aviation relevant legislation. The logbook is the written record and true representation of an aircrafts history. Maintain entries into your logbook records we have created this online logbook to make updating your aircraft maintenance logbook as easy as possible with the minimum of effort. The faa does seem to consider photocopies of a logbook acceptable for reconstruction if the originals are destroyed though, so on that basis printing copies. We carry maintenance log books in several styles to suit your needs. Give them confidence that the maintenance task you performed was done correctly. Although far part 43 specifically states that it does not apply to experimental airworthiness certificates, the operating limitations on your homebuilt will include the following or something similar. The following identifies where logbook entries for required inspections can be located. To ease your fears lets take a look at requirements for general aviation maintenance and inspection record entries and the responsibility you take. Typical maintenance entry for 100hrannual inspection.

Our autofill function removes the tedious task of typing out repetitive entries. As a practical matter, once an entry is made in the aircrafts maintenance record logbook it usually stays in the record logbook indefinitely. Each page shall be identified by the logbook owners name and signature. Oct 28, 2016 a brief video highlighting features of the aircraft maintenance logbook records i developed as director of maintenance for a corporate flight department. Maintenance article from checkpoints column in kitplanes by vic syracuse. Save you have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare add to compare. Simplicity and ease of use were the key motivations behind creating aircraft maintenance logbook entry creator. Aircraft maintenance log books from skygeek take the guesswork out of remembering maintenance tasks by providing one central place for everyone that works on an aircraft to track the maintenance that has been done. Applicant portal homepage prospective students can apply for admission and access a range of enrollment tools. Far part 43 maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding. The condition inspection gets closed out with a logbook entry stating that the aircraft is in a condition for safe operation. In addition, the information you enter becomes part of the permanent record of the aircrafts maintenance history.

The expertise and knowledge is first hand and firstrate. Business aircraft maintenance record logbook by gregory. In mailings theres a labels button, and once you open the labels function there are size templates for all the popular label sizes. Ac 439c maintenance records federal aviation administration. Sb112 31681 maintenance procedure for velcro deflation cap. I have been using aviation logbook for two months now, it is working fine and easy to fill. Cap 741 aircraft maintenance engineers logbook section 1. Whatever impacts an aircraft, whether maintenance, parts, lifelimited components, inspections, etc. Aircraft maintenance records and airworthiness directives for. The how and where of discrepancy maintenance entries after. Print multiple logbook entries zook aviation help blog. Mar 26, 2020 airplane owner maintenance with dean showalter dean is a podcasting airplane mechanic who loves both planes and people. Top 4 aircraft maintenance check templates free download. Members of the aviation institute of maintenance faculty can login here to access the tools they need.

With the help of capterra, learn about log entry creator, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other aviation maintenance products and more. Except as provided in paragraphs b and c of this section, each person who maintains, performs preventive maintenance, rebuilds, or alters an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part shall make an entry in the maintenance record of that equipment containing. Describes methods, procedures and practices determined to be acceptable for showing compliance with the general aviation maintenance recordmaking and. Using your computer, you can quickly make a logbook entry of maintenance performed. Hes been working at classic aviation, llc in the shenandoah valley of virginia for the past 23 years. This is critical because the approval and documentation requirements for major vs. It may be a simple airframe, engine, propeller log book, or an air carriers maintenance record system.

As a practical matter, once an entry is made in the aircrafts maintenance recordlogbook it usually stays in the recordlogbook indefinitely. Scheduled aircraft maintenance checks comprise of preventative maintenance activities performed according to defined intervals, as required by the federal aviation regulations far. By responding to the requests of current users we are commited to creating the best program available. How ya gonna do that without looking at the logbooks. Barry, directorate of evaluation and standardization u. Army aviation center of excellence, fort rucker, ala. Civil aviation authority, bangladesh aircraft maintenance engineers logbook issue2 date.

For scans thats a bit difficult you could photoshop the logbook entry. Aircraft maintenance records matter, be careful jda aviation. Study 114 terms fars examination ii flashcards quizlet. A condition inspection is the equivalent of an annual for a type certificated aircraft. The person approving or disapproving for return to service an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part after any inspection performed in accordance with part 91, 125, 5. Obviously, log books are important and document the pedigree of the aircraft and support the value of the aircraft by showing its maintenance history. Aircraft maintenance records acronyms submitted by stacheair1 on tue, 03102015 18. Aircraft maintenance programmaintenance and logs youtube. Jun 05, 2015 ampro will track maintenance reports and generate log book entries. No person shall operate this aircraft unless within. Aircraft maintenance records acronyms amt community.

All that time filling out records takes time away from the real work. The purpose of this program is to simplify and expedite the creation of a quality, legible logbook entry document of maintenance performed. In my seminars i strongly recommend that owners always keep their aircraft maintenance records in their personal possession preferably in a fireproof lockbox, and never keep them on. Foreflight logbook streamlines your flight logging with intelligent data entry and support for currencytracking for multiple aircraft types. When the aircraft leaves the hangar, your entry must speak for you. Propeller log softcovernew the propeller logbook is a part of the permanent technical record for the propeller. I want my log books to look nice and correct, but i am having trouble finding the proper phraseology for an entry.

Jun, 20 a maintenance entry that describes what was done and gives a specific maintenance manual reference leaves little doubt as to what was done, and how it was done. Preventive maintenance the following preventive maintenance has been performed to this aircraft in accordance. Also, any maintenance tasks you perform still need to be completed in compliance with all federal aviation regulations. Aircraft logbook instructions for use 1 this is an appropriate logbook as defined in civil aviation rule part 1, and forms part of the maintenance logbook for the aircraft. Applicant portal homepage prospective students can apply for admission and access a. The maintenance log templates can be used for a number of reasons. The following are examples of logbook entries to be made in accordance with far part 43. Failure to assiduously make every entry could kill your livelihood. This includes the proper procedures and logbook entries.

Designed for individual aircraft technicians and organisations. The most important place to start with any repair or alteration is with an assessment of whether it is a major or minor alteration. Installation of pushchecks in all hpii burner pressure gauges to prevent melting of a solder connection and causing a hazardous. Logbook this video walks through the process of transferring data from an exported logbook to the foreflight logbook spreadsheet template, and then uploading that to. The work was performed in accordance with the requirements of the. Example of a record entry for an annual inspection in which the aircraft was found to be unairworthy. Describes methods, procedures and practices determined to be acceptable for showing compliance with the general aviation maintenance recordmaking and recordkeeping requirements of title 14 of the code of federal regulations 14 cfr parts 43 and 91. Aircraft maintenance logbook entry creator program from. Aircraft engineer logbook aviation maintenance jobs. Introducing our new innovative cloudhosted logbook for aircraft mechanics and engineers, amtl. Aviation logbook allows you to create numerous different presentations of the same logbook entries in just a few clicks of a mouse. Maintenance logbook entries maintenance logbook entries september 1, 2016 requirements for aircraft maintenance log book entries following an annual inspection can be tricky and confusing not only for the mechanic but for the owneroperator, especially where airworthiness discrepancies have been found by the airframe and powerplant mechanic a.

It would be even better if asa would make a logbook like this one that was specifically for. Reynald freylicensed aircraft maintenance engineer. The how and where of discrepancy maintenance entries after an. For testing and replacement of hook and pile fastener used to seal the circular deflation panel. Even if a certificated person doesnt actually write in the aircrafts log that the component worked on is approved for return to service, far 43. When completed, the maintenance entry and return to service statement can be printed, signed and then inserted in the aircraft maintenance logbooks. Most of the newer operating limitations actually have the recommended verbiage. Your experience is gained and validated in your maintenance organization. Foreflight logbook streamlines the task of filling out logbooks, allowing you to focus on the flight lesson and then collaborate electronically during downtime to complete logbook entries. Many owners seem wellversed in oil changes and spark plug cleaning, but unfortunately not as welleducated when it comes to compliance with maintenance logging. Aircraft maintenance logbook entry creator, version 2. Far part 43 maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding and alterations.

In the process, students learn to manage their logbook and you can effortlessly maintain your own required training record. Duncan aviation has a clear understanding of the ins and outs of aircraft maintenance and how it translates into a logbook entry. This logbook is a means of recording the experience used in the particular sector in which you are assigned. Aircraft maintenance records and airworthiness directives. Iaw with mooney maintenance manual section 52005 1ac, drained oil. Accurate logbooks are crucial to the value of any aircraft. Posting off the document to the quality or compliance department for the final verification. Foreflight digital pilot logbook for ipad and iphone.

Maintenance logbook entry creation tool with recurrent data insertion and custom description creation capabilities. A maintenance log template would consist of the name of the person along with columns about the work hes done, the tasks hes completed or the assignments that are pending. You can just type out your entry, paste it into the label, and print it out. Aviation program chandlergilbert community college. Log book electronic form instructions the following log pages are electronic forms with both left and right hand margins. If you have multiple licenses from different aviation authorities, we provide you with the ability to store your logbook entries into separate folders. Aviation logbook has been created to overcome the tedious tasks of. The camp maintenance application provides users the capability to create and print logbook entries containing complied with maintenance. For example, your employer could use a maintenance log to judge and analyze your performance so far. Ampro will track maintenance reports and generate log book entries.

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